The strong position of Continental Shipping Agencies sarl in the Lebanese Market and the good relations with its main Importers/Customers, strengthened the capabilities of the company and the credibility among the Ship Owners / Ships Brokers facilitating the company to charter vessels of various tonnage and deadweight cargo capacity from 3000 Tons up to 6000 Ts responding to the needs of the market.
Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl, handles transportation for around 100000 Tons of General Cargo yearly under chartering business.

Port Operators

The well skilled staff of Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl, follow the positions of the vessels from the date of sailing from ports of loadings till the date of arrival to any Lebanese Ports.
Berths are assured upon vessels arrivals, attending Masters with Customs and Immigration authorities with customs formalities and the Crew Immigration Control…
Discharging of the vessels starts immediately after completing the official regulations with authorities under the supervision of our foremen and until completing the process of discharge as well as until assuring the sailings/departures of the vessels.


Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl has its own commitment with Stevedoring Company operating under the company’s full control.
The stevedoring company is responsible for securing the adequate Gangs, Equipment, Tallying and issuing final Out-Turn Cargo Report for cargoes discharged and handled by the company.
This is an added value to Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl at the high professional level service rendered to the company’s clients and customers.

Ship Chandling

At Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl, any vessel attending the company’s agency can benefit from the direct supply assistance, such as Fresh Water, Food Stuff, Accessories, Ship’s Repairs
(Mechanical/Electronic/Steel Work) Sea Maps, Flags, Computer Repairs and many other supplies that can be requested by Ship Owners or Masters of the vessels as the ease may be.


On top of the services related to vessels, Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl is ready at any time to assist its clients and customers with the customs clearance at any port in Lebanon, helping them in handling their cargoes with customs authorities and securing a Door-to-Door delivery on request.

Transit/Land Transportation

Last but not Least, Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl accepting cargoes in transit via Beirut or Tripoli ports and assure Land Transportation with Transit Trucks, assisting and acting on behalf of the final receivers whether they are located in Jordan or Iraq, no matter how big are the parcels or the nature of the goods that are to be trans-loaded to their final destination.
Continental Shipping Agencies Sarl is handling 30 % of its shipments as transit cargo that makes of the company one of the First Class Company in Lebanon in securing such special service.